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The open minds

« These cute little characters are the expression of a mood, an emotion of the moment. They are all different and unique; they have their own personality and their peculiarities. »

These handmade sandstone figurines, Caroline Paul’s flagship product, are the result of an inspiration of the moment. Intended as a gift, they are the bearers of a message picked bychance.
Their charming heads are the receptacle of parchment rolls containing quotes selected by the craftsman.

"Esprit Ouvert" petit modèle 9 cm

28 € - Order
Maisons supendues avec

Maisons supendues avec "Esprit Ouvert assis"15 cm

45 € - Order
Les fenêtres avec

Les fenêtres avec "Esprits Ouverts"

49 € - Order

"Esprit Ouvert" grand modèle 30 cm

110 € - Order

"Esprit Ouvert" modèle moyen 14 cm

44 € - Order